Cloaking VFX


Cloaking VFX is a highly-configurable system that will dynamically create a cloaking transition effect on any Mesh Component. Intended to be used within an ability or effect as part of a larger gameplay system, Cloaking VFX uses a Cloaking Device Actor Component that can be attached to any Mesh Actor.


  • A highly-configurable Cloaking Device Actor Component that can be used to create a range of different cloaking/active camouflage effects
  • Four distinct patterns and three transition distortion masks to experiment with
  • A Demo Map that utilizes assets from the Content Examples to clearly demonstrate the effect and help you integrate it into your own projects


  • Demo map
  • 2 Blueprints (1 Cloaking Device Actor Component, 1 Demo Character)
  • 3 Materials /w 13 Instances
  • 5 Material Functions
  • 11 high-resolution Textures (3 distortion masks, 4 greyscale patterns, 4 normal maps)
  • 4 Sound loops

Update History

1.1 (latest)2022-12-30Cloak Material warping & audio functionality added.
1.02022-12-28Initial 5.1 release.
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