Flashbang VFX


Flashbang VFX is post process material-based system that produces the first-person audiovisual impact of a stun grenade detonation.

The intensity of the effect is calculated based on line-of-sight, distance, and view angle from the explosion. It’s controlled via a series of float curves (distance, angle, afterimage intensity etc.) which makes it very easy to balance the effect to suit your project.


  • A dynamic flashbang stun effect based on distance/view angle from the detonation
  • Post-process based blinding/afterimage, using a render texture to capture the instant before the explosion
  • Hearing damage that will duck/filter noises in the environment over the duration of the stun effect
  • Scorch marks and smoke particles left behind


  • Demo map
  • Mannequin Grenade (1 Static Mesh + Texture/Material)
  • 3 Blueprints (1 Character, 1 Grenade, 1 Camera Shake)
  • 7 Float Curves for tweaking the effect in various ways
  • 6 Sound Effects
  • 2 VFX Materials (Smoke & Scorch)
  • 1 Post Process Material
  • 1 Niagara Particle System

Update History

1.1 (latest)2022-04-05Replication added!
1.012022-03-13Small fixes, 5.0 release
1.02022-03-11Initial 4.26-4.27 release
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