Orbit Camera


This simple rig perfectly replicates the feel and level of camera control from my favorite space-sim, Eve Online. With a host of configurable options, Orbit Camera provides you and your players with the freedom to spin, pan, dolly, and zoom the camera around any arbitrary position you choose. Fly safe!


  • Seamlessly transition between 4 highly-adjustable camera modes; Orbit, Pan, Dolly, and Zoom.
  • The included Demo map utilizes assets adapted from the Content Examples to clearly demonstrate the different features of the system.
  • An 8k nebula panorama is also included, just for fun.


  • Demo map /w rocket asset & nebula panorama
  • 1 Pawn Blueprint
  • 2 Materials
  • 2 Sound loops
  • 2 Niagara systems (stars & space dust vfx)

Update History

1.02022-11-23Initial 5.0 release
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