Shooter Sandbox


The Shooter Sandbox is techarthub’s most ambitious series, with the ultimate goal to provide you with an interesting collection of mechanics, systems, tools, and assets with which you can create and/or expand your own shooter projects.

Mix and match, strip it for parts, or just disassemble it to see how it works. However it’s used, I hope it helps!


Easy to unpack

Designed to be modular and intended to be stripped for parts, the Shooter Sandbox provides a range of interesting systems you can migrate into your own projects with minimal overhead.

Created entirely* within Blueprint

No C++ knowledge is necessary to adapt Shooter Sandbox to your needs. Although this flies against commonly accepted practice for production-ready projects, the Shooter Sandbox is first and foremost a learning tool and Blueprint is just far more accessible.

A note on C++ usage

While I have no plans to add a single line of code to the Shooter Sandbox, it still needs to be compiled in Visual Studio before it’ll run. This is only because a C++ ready project is a prerequisite for the dedicated servers I am planning on hosting in the future so we can test online features in a more realistic environment.

Beholden only to the usual Unreal Engine licensing agreements

I don’t want you to have to worry about additional licensing when porting Sandbox features into your own projects. A lot of work has gone into ensuring that all files within the project and its accompanying source files are either:

  • Created personally by me
  • Commissioned by me with full transferrable distribution rights
  • In the Public Domain

The one big exception to this rule is the Epic Content contained within the project, which is licensed under the Epic Content License Agreement.

Available only to Patrons!

If you want to grab the project and dig around for yourself, I invite you to join me on Patreon.

If you have any questions, please reach out and ask! You can drop me a message here on the site, or if you’d prefer you can join our Discord Server.

Update History

0.1.3 (latest)2024-05-25• Major overhaul to the Attribute, Action, and Inventory systems
• General improvements to replicated gunfire
• Additional animations & sound effects
Competitive Recoil 2.1
0.1.22024-01-11• Replicated world/view models for Combatants
Control Rig setup for future weapon animations
• Aim offset/Turn in place
0.1.12023-11-09Enhanced Input System integration
• GAS-like Attribute system
• Gameplay Actions (similar to Gameplay Abilities)
• Inventory system
0.1.02023-03-05Initial UE5.1 release, mostly just Competitive Recoil 2.0

I am a technical artist from Adelaide, Australia. I created techarthub to share my knowledge and love for this industry. I hope you feel it too!

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